The TOLFI company has been on the markett since 1990, but the official name as it is known today, officiates since 1998. Our main services provided are equipping cultural and social events with the technicalities (amplification, lighting, projection, stage systems and ground support,..). We are well experienced with preparation and eventuation of various events, that each carry its own specific characteristics.

    Our main focuses are events such as:

    Artistic (concerts, festivals...)

    Commercial and presentational (television, fashion shows...)

    Sports and entertainment (sport events, competitions...)

    Vocational and educational (trainings, seminars...)

    Ceremonial (weddings, anniversaries, private parties...)

    Each one of these events require individual plsanning and preparation. Overall, it depends on the a particular need of the customer, event type, place and the amount of attendees.

    Please, be so kind and fill out the contact form and submit it to us so we can provide you with further details about the event and to be able to get in touch with you and consult all the details.

    Our main goal is to provide contentedness and quality improvement of our services provided. Professionality of our services and personnel is our top priority that reflect our satisfied clients.